link - Link/Webseite

Creates a link

Fügt einen Link auf eine andere Webseite auf dieser Website oder eine andere (externe) Webseite ein.

Examples and options:

Link with link text

(link: text: Wikipedia)

Relative link

(link: some/page text: Link to some internal page)

Link to an anchor

(link: #some-section text: Link to some section on the same page)

Specifying the target for the link

(link: text: Wikipedia target: _blank)

Link with a title attribute

(link: text: Wikipedia title: Go to Wikipedia)

Link with a custom CSS class

(link: text: Wikipedia class: mylink)

Link with a rel attribute

(link: text: My website rel: me)

Link with a role attribute

(link: delete-account text: Delete my account role: button)